This is the part where I tell you I love coffee, creatures, and all things cozy. But you probably already knew that, so let’s get real...

I have strong, unshakable beliefs in being honest, open, thoughtful, and loving; in tirelessly seeking to expand my understanding of myself so I can be a better advocate for those around me. I use my sensitivity and perspective as an artist to empower others. Both introspection and activism have shaped my ability to create safe spaces in my art that invite my clients to feel more valued, connected, and proud of who they’ve become.

When I’m not on-location or video editing, you can find me nestled in the pages of a book, writing until my hand aches, playing piano (and wishing I didn’t quit at 14), tending to my garden, righteously adoring my family, and forever searching for the perfect Netflix show to watch over dinner with my husband.


Start with truth. End with Art.

–Ocean Vuong


Briaan Barron, 2019.

"Alayna was born for this work. I hired Alayna to create my personal brand video, and from the initial consultation through the finished execution, the process was seamless. More importantly, though, Alayna takes this work very personally, and her ability to tap into her subject's purpose and voice results in a visual story that's not only polished but human. Work with her!"

"Working with Alayna this past year on videos for my interior design business has been one of the highlights of my career. Alayna doesn't just shoot video, she tells stories- gorgeous, authentic, breath-taking stories that truly capture the essence of her subjects. I have lots of pretty portfolio pictures, but seeing my work and myself in this 3-D format has given me a new sense of confidence and conviction as I move forward in my career."

Keri Petersen, 2019.

"The thought of having a video like this was daunting, but Alayna put all of our worries and trepidation to rest from the minute we met her. She takes great care with her thoughtful questions and has such a wonderful sense of warmth. She truly wove the story of who we are in the most perfect way"

Sheri Butler, 2020.

"This woman amazed me. I love following her pure emotive work and she delivered such a unique experience during a very special event for me. The final product captured more than I could have imagined and it's allowed me to relive it over and over, noticing new details and even new emotions each and every time. I can't recommend Alayna enough. I am so grateful that I met her because not only is she a phenomenal talent, but her heart and soul goes into what she does and IT SHOWS."

Peggy Dean, 2019.

"I have never felt so seen, so heard, so loved. Alayna has captured my best self and told my story in a way that I didn't even think was possible. She figured out what my heart was trying to tell my clients and tweaked it into a masterpiece that I will cherish for the rest of my life. While watching the rest of my video, I looked at myself, in motion, flaws and all, for the first time and thought 'Wow, I love this!' It felt like a very pivotal moment in my life."

Alexandra Mason, 2019.

"Alayna is off the charts talented with an incredible eye, catching moments and translating them into videos with heart. Alayna makes you feel 100% comfortable as she understands how vulnerable people feel in front of the camera. Her attention to detail and understanding of the human condition makes her work truly special."

Libby Mansour, 2019.

"It is so hard to find a videographer whose vibe and style are as high-end as their professionalism––but Alayna is the real deal! We trusted her to understand our vision for our travel company and create a video series that was incredible, but the final product has already been just BEYOND. We love working with her so much and are so thankful for her talent and vision... but especially for her heart and thoughtfulness. She's truly the total package!"

Laura Sullivan, 2020.

I am not simply a filmmaker, videographer, or entrepreneur. My role as a storyteller involves seeing and hearing my clients with an attunement that encourages their best selves. I am genuinely driven by a reverence for the human condition––charged with a need to channel it into a creative product and client experience mightily memorable and gently contemplative.

After feeling drained and disheartened by the engine of consumerism, I quit my career in advertising to chase a dream of creatively documenting real people doing purposeful things. I was on a quest to find a higher calling and I found it – behind the camera with a notebook of interview questions in-hand.

Why I Do This

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My creative process looks different for every client but several touchstones remain the same: establish an atmosphere of vulnerability and trust, stay furiously curious and open-minded, honor the little things while also revering the big ideas, dive to the depths of what really matters, and most importantly: tell every story with as much heart as I tell my own.

Prior to starting my videography business, I grew so dang tired of seeing video content that seemed to synonymize professional production quality with a sterile, detached, depersonalized point-of-view. My filmmaking style seeks to satisfy my own appetite for truth and tenderness. I capture unfussy and endearing glimpses of my subjects, infusing my productions with soul and sensitivity. I provide clear direction on set, while also knowing when to let natural scenes unfold––allowing a signature intimacy to take shape, as if your best friend were holding the camera. 

My Approach to Film

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